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Equestrian Partners Recognized at Blackwater River State Forest – Coldwater Recreation Area

Equestrian Partners & FFS Staff

FFS staff joining equestrian partners (L to R):  Chris Ennis (Forestry Supervisor), Faye Minahan (Park Ranger), Brenda Foreman (FFSF Board of Directors), Wendy Allen (Five Flags Arabian Horse Association), Mike Hudson (Center Manager), Gail Jones (Florida Quarter Horse Association), Keri Sims (Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties Sheriff's Posses), Medora Mullins (The Happy Hoofers), David Creamer (Forest Resource Administrator), and Doug Ott, Friends of Florida State Forests Program Coordinator.

Commissioner Putnam Recognizes 80 Years of Florida State Forests

Logo: 80 Years of Florida State ForestsTallahassee, FL. — Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam and the Florida Forest Service are celebrating 80 years of Florida state forests this October, which is also Florida State Forest Awareness Month, with events throughout the state. Since its establishment in 1936, the Florida state forest system has evolved and grown into one of the most extensive and well-managed state forest systems in the nation, with 37 state forests covering 1.1 million acres and attracting 2.2 million annual visitors.

“Florida's state forests are vital ecological and economic resources for our state,” said Commissioner Adam H. Putnam. “After 80 years, Florida's forests still provide an abundance of benefits from clean air and water, to diverse plant and animal communities, and recreational opportunities.”

Donor and Friends of Florida State Forests, Inc. Give Back Following Hurricane Hermine! owners Richard and Kim Roccanti,, donors of the trees, stand with the first free tree recipient, along with Doug Ott, Friends of Florida State Forests Coordinator. owners Richard and Kim Roccanti (at left), who donated the trees, stand with our first free tree recipient, along with Doug Ott, Friends of Florida State Forests Coordinator. At right, a couple receives their free “Birds of Florida State Forests” poster, as over 250 were handed out.

Native Tree Planting Event at the Caloosahatchee Forestry Center - a Success!

Local Non-Profit and computer business join in the planting!

Kids Circled Around a Tree Being Planted

Dexter Sowell, Caloosahatchee Forestry Center Biologist, shares the proper steps in planting a tree!

Native Tree Planting Event at Caloosahatchee Forestry Center

Lee County, Fla – The Florida Forest Service’s Friends of Florida State Forests program is hosting a native tree planting event in Fort Myers on Saturday, May 14 at 10:00 a.m. The event is free to the general public and will be held at the Florida Forest Service’s Caloosahatchee Forestry Center (10941 Palm Beach Blvd., Fort Myers, FL, 33905).

Pledge Hike raises $2,400 for Seminole State Forest

 by Mike Martin & Doug Ott

Seminole State Forest Hike in April 2016

A successful fundraiser took place April 1st – 3rd for Seminole State Forest with the support from the Friends of Florida State Forests (FFSF) program, Florida Forest Service staff, volunteers, other individuals and local organizations that pledged their support.